Shimmering and dreamy, provocative and dark, both light and warm, AMOUROUD is a Collection of olfactory memories, stories real and imaginary, translated with wood-notes, flowers, roots, and herbs into perfumes that capture a primal place of serenity, joy, and passion.


AMOUROUD is an inter-active concept intended to create conversation and involvement between well-trained fragrance consultants and their customers. Our goal is to continually ‘engage’ and ‘sample’ in-store at both permanent counters  and promotional outposts.


The beauty of AMOUROUD is most apparent in the exceptional high quality of its fragrances. Each fragrance maintains its beauty, signature, and character, all of  which remain evident in the dry-down.


In addition to a full range of spray-testers, there are special beakers containing pre-sprayed blotters of all fragrances. Blotters are sprayed the prior evening or before the store opens in the morning. These pre-sprayed blotters are integral to our story because they demonstrate how long-lasting and beautiful each fragrance  remains even hours after first being sprayed.


The AMOUROUD fragrances are each beautiful and unique. They each perform so well on skin not  only because of their rich and long last, but also because of the attention spent to  create such  harmonious interplay between each and every ingredient.

The  AMOUROUD fragrances are innovative and creatively ‘new’.

Dark Orchid

Santal Des Indes

Safran Rare

Oud Du Jour

Midnight Rose

Miel Sauvage

The Best Choice

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TEL:886-2-5555-9580    FAX:886-2-5555-9581 

© Copyright 2008 SCENTASIA All right reserved