The Perris Family Legacy spans 50 years in the Cosmetic, Beauty industry from creating, developing and marketing their own products globally, to collaborating with many renowned designers and multinational companies.


The Perris Group was founded in 1981 in Milan by Mr. Michele Perris. The headquarters are located in Monte Carlo, Monaco since 1990. The company is owned by the Perris Family. It operates in more than 50 countries and has offices in 9 countries.


The family has always had a strong passion for fragrances, indeed they are the owners and perfumers behind the House of Houbigant, one of the oldest and greatest perfume houses still in existence. In recent years the perfume industry has seen a big inflation of new launches. Almost all the time new creations are based on very little perfume knowledge. A lot of attention is given to brand name, advertising, packaging, while the heart of the product, the perfume itself is very often neglected. Most of the budget is allocated to marketing while the perfume must be as easy as possible and must please a wide audience. This practice has generate a declining knowledge and attention from the industry to the quality of perfume creation.


Our path went in the opposite way investing in research to constantly improve our perfume creations, and giving more and more attention to the quality of raw materials. To market this project we need to share the same language and the same passion for perfumes. We want to communicate our knowledge to our partners and seduce consumers with the richness of our creations.


The Perris Monte Carlo fragrances are a masterpiece of perfumery art, build by enthusiasm, love and a long and substantial experience. “The point of distinction for the Family business is the in house expertise for Perfume. Our passion and our first dedication in a new project is the perfume itself. We select very carefully the formula of our creations giving the priority to the use of natural ingredient and high quality raw materials”

(Michele Perris founder).

Patchouli Nosy Be

Oud Imperial

Rose de Taïf

Absolue d’Osmanthe

Santal du Pacifique

Ylang Ylang Nosy Be

Essence de Patchouli

Ambre Gris

Bois d’Oud

Musk Extrême


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Scentasia Fragrances & Cosmetics


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© Copyright 2008 SCENTASIA All right reserved